Saturday, April 22, 2006


The marathon has begun, with a challenging and lively Romeo and Juliet in the big theatre, followed by a wonderful Antony and Cleopatra in The Swan. Here's what selected critics said about both.

Romeo and Juliet.
"Nancy Meckler’s new version of Romeo and Juliet in the main house… boasts a powerful and boldly interpolated opening scene in which the perennially bickering Montagues and Capulets give up their weapons in a general arms amnesty, and a new hope seems to dawn with it.
The two leads, Morven Christie as Juliet and Rupert Evans as Romeo, are engaging. Sorcha Cusack is an enjoyably infuriating Irish nurse and David Fielder an outstanding Friar Laurence: an early exponent of muscular Christianity.
The Sunday Times

Antony and Cleopatra
"Gregory Doran's magnificent revival...keeps you in mind of the global stakes in this tragedy, while also giving a close, almost chamber-drama focus to the love scenes. Harriet Walter's astonishing Cleopatra makes you question conventional assumptions about the heroine, suggesting a core of genuine devotion to Antony under the layers of capricious self-dramatisation and a sharp intelligence as well as sly instinct. the hero's sad, forced gaiety and scalding shame are movingly projected by Patrick Stewart."
The Independent

And here's my personal star rating, out of five;

Romeo and Juliet ***

Antony and Cleopatra *****


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