Sunday, August 06, 2006


I came across this quotation in Jonathan Bate's review of Stanley Wells' Shakespeare and Co this Sunday

" The sweetness of Dekker, the thought of Marston, the gravity of Chapman, the grace of Fletcher and his young-eyed wit, Jonson's learned sock*, the flowing vein of Middleton, Heywood's ease, the pathos of Webster, and Marlow's deep designs, add a double lustre to the sweetness, thought, gravity, grace, wit, artless nature, copiousness, ease, pathos, and sublime conceptions of Shakespeare's Muse. They are indeed the scale by which we can best ascend to the true knowledge and love of him. " Shakespeare's Contemporaries, William Hazlitt.

* OED definition - a light shoe worn by comic actors on the ancient Greek and Roman stage; hence allus. comedy or the comic muse 1597

Now I'm off on holiday to the far North of Scotland for 2 weeks, with Wells and Hazlitt in my baggage. Back for a three play weekend at the end of August.


Blogger archie said...

Hey, you got a comment! And not from me! That's very good news, and richly deserved. First day of proper class tomorrow: terror in my bowels. Hope scotland continues amusing lots of love

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