Sunday, December 24, 2006


"You may know by my size that I have a kind of alacrity in sinking".

This was a spirited and enjoyable evening - any production in which Judi Dench does a cartwheel and Simon Callow is crammed into a laundry basket has captured the spirit of Christmas and of pantomime. We, the audience, loved it - several of the critics, clearly expecting something else, did not.

The most generous of them was The Times; Benedict Nightingale wrote

"Gregory Doran’s adaptation and production of The Merry Wives of Windsor is what the title promises: light, larky and, with Paul Englishby composing and Ranjit Bolt providing the lyrics, packed with music evoking everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to Verdi to American Hoe-Down to, well, Shakespeare.
It’s good seasonal stuff and extremely well cast....."

Personal Star Rating[out of five] ***


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