Monday, August 28, 2006


I thought that in our remote fishing shack in Sutherland, 15 miles south of Cape Wrath, it would be possible to escape the bard. Wrong. Our gravity-fed [we have no electricity, so no pumps], oil-fired cental heating system is called Hamlet, made by some long-defunct Irish iron founder in the 1930's. Perhaps there's a whole family of boilers [the Ophelia, the Polonius, the Rosencrantz?]

Anyhow, when we arrived the boiler wasn't working. Unresponsive to exhortation, "Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted colour off", Jennie and I had to clean it, a filthy job, as the attached picture proves. On the boiler lid it says, "Do not attempt to remove this lid when under fire" .


Blogger archie said...

Aaa! You shouldn't post photos like that! Kids use the internet, you know!

By the way I'll tell you one reason you don't get comments. Your blog doesn't allow anonymous comments, which means anyone who wants to add something has to have a blogger account.

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